Mine Mine Mine

The current challenge over at Casology Week #250 is Loud. I had a browse at my different stamp sets and when I saw the Seagull stamps from MFT I knew they would work perfectly. I still laugh when I think back on the movie Finding Nemo and all the seagulls yelling “mine, mine, mine”. Plus you only have to go down to the beach with any sort of food and they hover and squark at you for food. Now that’s what I call LOUD!

Week 250 - Loud

For my card I spattered some watered down ink to create an ocean spray type look. Otherwise I’ve kept it nice and simple.

Mine,mine,mine card

Thanks for visiting today! Em

2 thoughts on “Mine Mine Mine

  1. Emily, this is perfect! I love Finding Nemo and we often quote those seagulls in my house! Yes, they were loud in the movie and can be loud in real life, too! They can be downright dangerous on the beach we go to…if you have food you’d better hide! Thanks for sharing your fun card with us at CASology this week!


  2. Yup – those guys definitely make a racket although I do have a soft spot for the ones from Finding Nemo. šŸ™‚ Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!


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